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Gender Equity Division

Division of Gender Equity is created to devise and give access for women and men to empower themselves in term of leadership, intellectualism, representation and advocacy.

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Talknita 2nd Series: A Functional Seat at the Table

Although organisations have a responsibility for creating better policies and opportunities for women, it is undeniable that support and encouragement for women to step forward is fundamental. Similar to the IIUM community, there is a breathtaking number of promising young women who are aspiring leaders who would benefit greatly from such encouragement.

In order to accommodate said support, Talknita 2nd Series in the form of a leadership conference, aimed to feature prominent women leaders who are moving the needle on gender parity to share their insights on leadership matters and their experiences.


Pretty Tough!
Self-Defense Kit

EmpowHer understands and advocates for the priority of every woman on campus to be able to defend herself in times of danger, and this is where Pretty Tough comes in – our fundraising project targeted to provide 50 female students on IIUM with a defense kit.

In May 2022, EmpowHer successfully managed to raise a total fund of RM1603 within a month period. 

Talknita 1st Series: Rape Culture - Between Myth and Reality

With the aim of achieving the 16th SDG, which is peace, justice and strong institution, this talk has been conducted to address rape culture that is prevalent in our community and is also conducted to show solidarity with Ain Husniza as she exposes rape culture in her school. This initiative will be a pioneer talk series for a series of TalkNita that discusses women issues in society.

WaniTayang 2nd Series: Pad Man

Due to the need to advocate for period poverty, a movie that critically touches on the issue titled Pad Man, was screened for the second series. As an Indian man realizes the extent to which women are affected by their menses, he sets out to create a sanitary pad machine and to provide inexpensive sanitary pads to the women of rural India. Discussions and game sessions were conducted after the movie screening!