THE GOOD SOCIETY is a contemporary youth movement focusing on community organizing, grassroots empowerment and sustainability. We address campus, national and global issues through different niches of our organization.


Our Vision

Envision a welcoming campus that enhances students experience through programs, services and serve as a home where students can belong to and be empowered at individual, community and national level.

Our Missions

1. DEVELOP students holistically and support them in meeting their passions and educational aspirations

2. FOSTERING campus life and ensuring students live their best student experience.

3. ESTABLISH social cohesion amongst diverse student community around common interests, ideas, and viewpoints.

4. EMPOWER students to participate as engaged citizens.

5. BUILD community leaders that will become changemakers in their respective areas

Our Values and Culture

1. Inclusive

We are a diverse, vibrant community with many various perspectives. Every member’s voice is important to us, and we want to hear from you. All of our members have access to our assistance and services. On campus, we believe in free speech and want everyone to be able to express themselves.

2. Progressive

We are progressive and ambitious. We empower our students to grow and to change the world around them. We speak for all communities and fight for their rights. We reside in a varied, fascinating city that has long attracted brave thinkers and dreamers.

3. Fun

We contribute to making university life more enjoyable, distinctive, and memorable. Students can make new friends and find new talents and hobbies through our activities, societies, sports, and events. We welcome all students with open arms and endeavour to make each one feel involved and included.

4. Empowering

We extend ideas by providing possibilities and assisting in the creation of unforgettable experiences. Students are encouraged to explore new things, participate, and take action. We offer assistance to those who require it and urge them to venture beyond of their comfort zones. We want students to find new passions and achieve goals they never imagined.

5. Fellowship

We bring people together into our family so that everyone have somewhere to belong to. We seek to ensure that everyone will be a family and can always count on one another. We will ensure there shall be no gap between the leadership and the comrades. We shall instil the spirit of camaraderie between everyone.