• All Webhosting should be hosted by the IIUM.
  • All staff organizations of IIUM are entitled to have their own club webhosting.
  • All student organizations¬†of IIUM are entitled with the recommendation from deans at the University‚Äôs Centre of studies and Administrative Offices or Student Affairs and Development Division.
  • Request for webhosting shall be forwarded to our ICT Services Helpdesk or ITD Director for approval and will be submitted to respective person in charge.
  • A user is responsible to keep their web server and hosting account safely.
  • Any transferring of the files done within the wired connection to IIUM campus.
  • Users are responsible for any activity on their webhosting.
  • Prohibited activities include:
    1. personal project research or study
    2. personal business or corporate website
    3. installation of third-party software
  • Any installation of the plugin or themes must be requested to the respective person in charge. For security, the person in charge will check the plugin or theme are suitable or not.
  • The University reserves the right to remove or disable the webhosting that pose a security or stability risk to the web architecture.